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Turnkey Contracting –

We do it all! You let us know what you want, and we take over from there. We design, build, coordinate subcontractors, and deliver the finished project, along with your keys.

Pre-Construction Services

Construction Management

Civil Contracting

InteriorBuild Outs


Tilt Wall Construction 

Unique construction projects

Commercial General Contracting

Under a GC contract, we will perform all the following work

o Architectural

o Landscape

o Civil

o Structural

o Mechanical

o Electrical

o Plumbing

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At TDK, we believe the success of a company depends greatly on its core value system.

These core values govern our internal team dynamics as well as how we interact with clients and manage projects

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We truly believe in providing the highest quality service, materials and labor to match our client’s budget. Our goal is for each client to be confident and fully satisfied with the quality of our product.

Service is KEY. Establishing a solid connection and an open line of communication with each client is a vital part of our business. Today, our repeat business is a testament to the type of service we provide.

Safety is paramount to our business. It is our responsibility to make sure all work is done in construction safety compliance. All of our subcontractors are required to maintain and follow SWPPP, Safety and OSHA rules & regulations.

We believe in proposing contracting modifications that reduce cost without reducing the quality of the product or process performance.

Stems from early planning, a well-defined scope and good leadership. We like to create a project schedule and implement strategic planning accordingly. We strive to always complete our projects on or ahead of schedule.

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